Maharajahs Jewel




Jewel and Moonshine are a match made in heaven. Anyone looking for extreme black and white coats with non-fading contrast, no tarnish and strong inhibitor genes, then a kitten from these two is for you. They will have super short, and silky, glittered coats and strong muscular structure.

Jewel is pictured to the left and the sire Moonshine to the below.

UPDATE Jewel has 4 silver girls!



Silver Legacy





We have a repeat breeding between our F4 girl ‘Silver Legacy’ and Otto the Great. Previous kittens from this breeding are our very own gorgeous silver F5 boy ‘Ravi’ and ‘Asa’. Asa  lives in the USA and is currently 3rd best Bengal in the world with TICA! We are expecting wonderfully wild looking  F5 silver and brown kittens with super thick tails and type. The kittens from these two are always super sweet too.

`Silver Legacy’ is pictured to the left and the sire ‘Otto’ below.

UPDATE Legacy has two kittens silver and brown, more information soon…..

Silverstorm Otto

Silverstorm Arctic Mirage




We have a litter due from Arctic are stunning wild looking F7 girl from Crestwood lines. Arctic carries for seal-lynx. She has been bred to Otto the Great. The last litter from these two produced some stunning kittens with wonderful type and boning, in silver charcoal, silver seal-lynx charcoal as well as silver. Arctic is pictured to the left and Otto below.

UPDATE Arctic has 5 boys, silver and silver seal-lynx and 1 silver girl

Silverstorm Otto (5)

Silverstorm Polar night





We are repeating the breeding between Polar, who is our stunning silver seal-lynx girl, and Moonshine, as their last litter of silver kittens was exceptional. Moonshine is homozygous  for silver. The kittens will have black and white untarnished contrast and short glittered coats. They will of course all be snow carriers. The sire  Silverstorm Moonshine is pictured below and Silverstorm Polar Night to the left.

UPDATE  Three silver spotted kittens born.



21272503_1104761452957579_639094088531184914_n (1)




We are very exited to announce this first breeding from my stunning home bred girl Silverstorm Silver Lining, pet name  ‘Luna’, and Otto the Great. We are expecting silver, all rosetted kittens, possible snow carriers, with highly glittered clear coats with outstanding patterns and type. Pictured below is the sire ‘Otto’, and to the left the dam ‘Silver lining’.

UPDATE Silver Lining has 5 silver kittens

Silverstorm Otto (5)