Silverstorm Ragnar






Silverstorm Ragnar loves his new best friend, they are inseparable.







Here is Silverstorm Hercules relaxing by his pool! He lives in Malta as stud boy at Ollie Benji Bengals





Silverstorm Quicksilver lives in Shanghai with Rongly Li.






Silverstorm Quicksilver is a stunning boy from Otto the Great and Silk Sari. He lives with Rongly Li in Shanghai. She has been showing him with TICA in China and he has been doing very well. As you can see he is a very laid back boy!


Silver Lining and his friend playing leap frog!









Silverstorm Wildest Dream and Silverstorm Asia







These two stunning silver charcoal girls; Silverstorm Wildest Dream and Silverstorm Asia, are out of my F6 girl Crestwood Midnight Mirage and Snowstormuk Otto the Great,







Here is Sansa having a lesson in humting from her new Bengal family! Scroll sideways for one more photo.








Sansa now lives in Sweden with her new owners Joacim & Emelie and there family of Bengals.

They all go long walks together in the stunning countryside.  What a lucky girl!