We specialize in stunning, quality silver  Silver Bengal’s chosen very carefully from the best blood-lines.

Our kittens are bred for their superb muscular, wild type, stunning snow leopard markings and rosetted patterns.

Every pattern on a Silverstorm kitten is a work of art, and  every  pattern is unique.

Did you know that Bengal’s are the only domestic cat to have rosettes and markings like wild cats such as leopards and jaguars?

We think the ghostly silver colouring,  and black outlined rosettes on our silver Bengal’s, come nearest in the wild to the magnificent and elusive Snow Leopard.

A rosettes is a rose like marking on the fur of wild cats. Depending on the type, a rosette has a complete, to broken dark outline around a lighter middle spot.

Rosettes are used by wild cats as camouflage to hide or to stalk their prey. They use their rosettes to simulate the different shifting of shadows and shade, helping the animals to remain hidden from their prey.

There are many different types of rosettes. You can learn more about the different types, and the wild cats that possess them, on my Bengal Pattern page which you can view here.

Some of our Bengal’s have large black solid spots and blotch’s, like a filled-in rosette. These can be incredibly striking when coupled with a light white background.

We hope you enjoy our website and would like to welcome you on our silver journey…………….






Whether our kitten are placed in pet or top quality show/breed homes, we want then to have one thing in common………..

to look like they have just walked out of the jungle or sprung down from the high mountain steppe.

If you could take the pattern away from our cats would they look like wild cats or  domestic?

The qualities that give a Bengal its wild look can include small rounded ears set at the side of the head, thick leopard tail, large nocturnal eyes, muscular athletic body with flowing movement,  (that leopard cat walk!), wild panther shaped head, substantial chin, puffy whisker pads…all of that and more is TYPE.

You can find our more about wild type, and the different qualities that that give a Bengal its wild look, on my Bengal Type page which you can view here

Don’t let looks deceive you though, your Silverstorm kitten will become your most devoted, and loving friend.

All our Bengal’s are above F4, which means they are over 4 generations removed from an Asian Leopard Cat and are domestic cats.






Silverstorm Bengals are proud to partner with the Snow Leopard Trust. For every ‘mini Snow Leopard’ sold at Silverstorm  a donation of $10.00 will be made to the trust on your behalf and will go directly towards helping the Snow leopard.

Silverstorm Bengals  can be found listed on the Snow Leopard Trust page of business partners on their website, which you can view here

The Snow Leopard Trust is the world’s leading organization dedicated to understanding and saving the endangered snow leopard. Through pioneering research and community conservation programs in five snow leopard range countries, the Snow Leopard Trust is working to secure the long-term survival of this magnificent big cat.

Click here to view The Snow Leopard Trust site