Silverstorm Eskimo Kisses (8)
Silverstorm Winter Wonderland (6)






Winter is an excellent example of a silver-seal lynx who has amazingly wild type. She has a cool glacial background and large nocturnal, ice blue eyes. Her ears are small and rounded, a trait difficult to achieve in a ‘seal-lynx, I also love her thick snow leopard tail.

She now lives in France with Nathalie at ‘Griffes de Feu’ cattery. I am extremely proud of this girl.

Cubby background replaced and blurred






This stunning girl from Silverstorm Midnight in the Jungle looks just like wild like a little leopard cub in silver! She is covered in black outlined rosettes in a random wild pattern, a beautiful head and straight profile, wide muzzle, small well placed ears, gold eyes, and a short thick tail. Just awesome!

Silverstorm Harald 4







Harald is an awesome F7 silver-charcoal boy out of Rajah and Mira. The charcoal colour and pattern comes partly from the Asian Leopard Cat and can often be seen in early generation Bengals. Charcoal Bengal’s have distinctive markings known as ‘Zorro’ markings, which consist of a striking face mask and cape. He is a wild looking typey boy with an Asian Leopard egg shaped scull and small rounded ears. He now lives with Nadege in France.

Silverstorm Purrfection (5)





Purrfection caught my eye as soon as he was born, with his clear silver colouring and that stunning profile rolling up over the top of his head into a rounded back skull, I just knew he was a special boy.  Following in his fathers footsteps, he has  earned the title of Supreme Grand -Champion  in only 5  show’s , a phenomenal achievement! Thanks to Julie and Andy of Summerspride Bengal’s for showing him.

Silverstorm Tribal prince (3)_1






Tribal is an  awesome kitten from Silverstorm Midnight in the Jungle and Jungletime Tribal Design. His huge ink black rosettes look as if they have been painted on, and are intensely  contrasted on a white silver background.  He has a tight, silky glittered coat,  a wild looking face and head shape. His body  is long and muscular, and he holds his tail and carriage low for a leopard cat walk!

Silverstorm bengals_1





We occasionally produce melanistic kittens, they look like little Black Panthers with shadow rosettes showing through their shiny black pelts. Just as the wild Black Panther is actually a ‘melanistic’ Leopard, these black kittens are the melanistic version of the Bengal.

This very special little girl pictured at 4 weeks old then as an adult,  is from Silverstorm Midnight in the Jungle and Jungletime Tribal Design. She is at Antiguars Bengals in Germany, and she is simply stunning! With her wild head and straight convex profile, wonderfully wide muzzle and nose, she truly is a mini Black Panther!


Silverstorm Faranheit





Fahranheit was born frosted. As he grew his frosted coat cleared and his spots developed into the most wonderful random snow leopard pattern with clear, white silver colouring. His profile is straight. You can see his longer frosted fur shading his markings in the 2nd and 3rd photos, in the fourth it has cleared to reveal spots and the next photos his rosettes have developed.

Silverstorm Icebreaker (3)






Icebreaker is admired by all who see him. He is simply stunning. He has big black pancake rosettes on a silver glittered coat,  that is soft as silk. He now lives in Austria with Karl and Sabine and I would like to thank them for showing him. Icebreaker has achieved the title of Triple Grand-Champion. In 2011 he was 3rd Best Silver Bengal and in 2012 he was Best Silver Bengal of the year!