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SIRE: Queenanne Silver Lining

DAM: Silverstorm Moonlit Jungle

PK-Def Negative

Pra-b Negative

Silverstorm Polar night






SIRE: Snowstormuk Otto the Great

DAM: Silverstorm Snow Queen

PK Def Negative

PRA-b Negative

Polar is a silver seal-lynx, and she is simply breathtaking. She has a deep body with excellent boning and muscular structure.  I love those puffy whisker pads, wide nose, and her small rounded ears with a wide base to them. She has an egg shaped head, with rounded contours. Her tail is very thick and blut ended giving her that wild cat look.

Being a silver-snow she has a much whiter backgound, with glacial tones. A silver-snow has less warm tones than a regular snow, and this girl also has a extremely soft, plush coat, with excellent contrast to her pattern.

Silverstorm Arctic Mirage






SIRE: RW SGCH Silverstorm The Maharajas Cat

DAM: Crestwood Midnight Mirage







SIRE: RW SGCH Silverstorm The Maharajahs Cat

DAM: Sofysticats African Queen

PK Negative







SIRE: Zazen Mountain Ghost

DAM: Sofysticats African Queen

PK Negative

Silverstorm Bengal Cat





SIRE: Bengalivo Silver Moon

Dam: SILVERSTORM Midnight In The Jungle

PK negative


Silverstorm Wild trax (2)





SIRE: CH Hallmark Silverdream Machine

DAM: Silverstorm Shooting Star

PK Negative

This beautiful home bred girl has a very clear white silver coat with a tee-shirt white stomach. Her inky black rosettes are beautifully  contrasted, and she has no tarnish. Her  legs are spotted and she has  chain rosetting along her spine line.  She has a good width between her green eyes, wide muzzle and puffy whisker pads. Her character is wonderful, and she just cant get enough attention or cuddles, she also  loves to groom your hair. Her kittens always inherit her character.

African Queen





SIRE SGCH Gryffindor Rocco of Sofysticats

DAM  Sherakan Houpsy of Sofysticats


This beautiful silver rosetted girl has come all the way from Canada. She has a lovely wild head and face, with nocturnal eyes, and puffy whisker pads. She has a long body with  beautifully contrasted rosettes. She is also very clever and a huge character.

Silverstorm Silver Legacie 7




SIRE: Queenanne Libertine

DAM: Queenanne Stepping Stones (F3)

I would like to introduce my latest little girl. She is an extremely special and rare silver F4. Her Great-grandfather is the iconic Asian Leopard Cat Leopole.  On  a plush, pelted coat her rosettes are ink black and contrasted. She has an egg shaped head, with a muzzle of a good length, with an incredibly strong and deep chin. Her ears are small, cupped and on the side of the head, and you can clearly see the ocelli on her ears. She has the sweetest nature and wants to make friends with any cat or dog she sees.  Thanks go to my friend Gaynor who has waited 8 years for this little girl to come along. She is truly a legacy, and I feel blessed that she has entrusted her to me.

Silverstorm Midnight Mirage 3




Sire: Stonehenge Cold Fusion

Dam: Crestwood Decoder Ring

Here is my phenomenal new girl from Crestwood Bengals in Arizona. This stunning girl is a silver charcoal. Her striking face mask accentuates her wild expression, her coat is clear and bright, with a black contrasted pattern. She is an incredibly wild looking girl, one could easily mistake her for an F1. Her head looking much closer to an ALC than a SBT , with those big nocturnal eyes set back in her scull and wild expression.
I have long admired Victoria’s breeding program and Mira is descended from a combination of Junglebook and Stonehenge lines, her grandfather being the famous SGCH Stonehenge Wurthawaite of Snopride.
I cannot thank Victoria and Bob enough for entrusting this sweet girl to me.