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Otto is growing into a stunning boy. He has that wild cat, low to the ground, shoulder shuffle, leopard cat walk……

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‘SnowstormUK Otto the Great’ is my gorgeous new boy. He is from a one time breeding with Dinah’s beautiful rosetted silver seal-lynx ‘Amarillo’ and my stud boy ‘Regional winner and Supreme grand-champion Silverstorm The Maharajahs Cat’.

He has a highly contrasted, glittered, silky pelt,  thick tail and  a wild looking face.






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Jackie Morris’s new book is an absolute treat. It is packed full of the most beautiful  photos of her cats walking with her through the seasons,  in the stunning countryside near her home in Pembrokeshire.






Inky’s F5 kittens are now 4 weeks and starting to explore, and try some mince. Inky is being kept very busy keeping keeping an eye on them all, she doesn’t like them to go too far and carries them back to the box if they do. She is proving to be an excellent mum if not a bit overprotective!

You can see their first baby photos on my AVAILABLE page.



silverstorm inky

Inky has had her first litter here at Silverstorm! She has 4 kittens, their father is Bengalivo silver moon. Inky is my silver F4 girl down from the iconic Asian Leopard Cat ‘Leopole’. We are so excited about these special babies. Inky is being a super but very protective mother, so I will take photos as soon as she feels comfortable with me doing so. There is a silver female with some beautiful  rosetting who I doubt I will be able to give up, a brown rosetted female and male, and a stunning melanistic ‘black panther’ male!

                                         Asian Leopard Cat ‘Leopole’          


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Silverstorm Purrfection (3)

Not only has Purrfection achieved the title of Supreme Grand-Champion in only 5 shows, he is now a regional winner and is 17th Best Shorthair cat, 2nd Best Bengal and Best silver Bengal in Western Europe show season 2014-2015! Following in the footsteps of his father who also became a Supreme Grand-Champion in just 5 shows and  17th Best Shorthair cat in Western Europe  2013-2014. Rajah is a very proud father!



SGCH Silverstorm Purrfection

Congratulations to Silverstorm Purrfection and his owner Julie at Summerspride Bengals. At the Swanley TICA show this weekend, his 2nd show as a kitten, Purrfection achieved a total of nine finals, an incredible seven 1st best of breeds, four 2nd Best of breeds, and four 3rd Best of breeds!




RW SGCH Silverstorm The Maharajahs Cat - Coontica  cat show 4

Rajah’s last show of the show season 2012-2013 and he went out with a bang! Here he is showing off on the pole in Asa’s ring. She gave him 3rd best cat in her final.




RW SGCH Silverstorm The Maharajahs Cat (2)

Another successful show in Ireland at the Celticat TICA cat club in Dublin. Rajah had a total of 4 finals and here he is in Francesca Gagern’s ring, she gave him 2nd best cat on day 1 and 3rd best cat on day 2.



Jacie morris - silverstorm kitten_1

Author, illustrator and artist Jackie Morris messaged me one day on Facebook asking if one or two of my little snow leopards would like to go and live with her in her beautiful home by the sea. She wanted cats to walk with her and Elmo, the last of her gingers. Some time later here she is meeting  Lord Genji and Lady Spit for the first time. The kittens will join ginger Elmo and tabby Max. You can see the most amazing photos of all her cats over the years, including Lord Genji and Lady Spit  walking with her in the most beautiful and wild countryside, on her Facebook page ‘I am Cat’, and her blog ‘We three ginger cats tails’.



charcoal boy 005

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