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Silverstorm Show


We are thrilled to announce that Rajah became a Supreme Grand champion at the Halloween Catica show in Newbury. An amazing achievement in only five shows, we are over the moon!

A huge thank you to TICA judge Mary-Lou Anderson from the USA, who awarded Rajah ‘best cat’ in his second ring of the weekend.

As she handed out the best of breed rosettes, counting down from 10th best cat to best cat, I hardly dared to  breathe. Once Mary-Lou got to  2nd best cat I was so emotional I could not speak, I will never forget that moment when I realized Rajah had done it! Of course Rajah looked suitably unmoved and retained his regal composure as always.





photos 047_1

Rajah with his latest rosettes and his favourite part of cat shows….. relaxing in our show hotel room with Rosy.


photos 044 (2)














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Silverstorm The Maharajahs Cat is now a Quadruple Grand-Champion at only his 2nd TICA show, a huge achievement. I would like to give a big thank you to Australian judges Belinda Penglis and Erin Brown! This was their first time judging in the UK.

Erin commented “I have never seen a Bengal as big and muscular as Rajah, he is a huge hunting cat!” She also told us afterwards that her shoulder had nearly given way lifting him! He is a heavy weight.

Belinda  placed him as 2nd Best cat twice and Erin 7th Best cat over the weekend.




celticat show 031_1

Rajah is now a Grand Champion, just 90 points short of a Double Grand! I had the most amazing day at the Celticat show, his first TICA show as an adult and in Ireland.

It was great to meet some of the Irish breeders and to catch up with Perrine Kennedy of Wildwaters Bengals and Ann Marie of Rakasta Bengals.  Thank you Celticat for your fantastic show, it was really well organised and was a great success!

I am so proud of Rajah, he took it all in his stride. He was placed 1st in colour and Division in every ring. Russian judge Vlada Beninya could not give him enough compliments, I wish I could remember them all!

She commented on his wild presence and muscular body and gave him Best Cat twice over the weekend! The president of TICA Vickie Shields gave him 4th best cat in the morning and 2nd Best Cat in the afternoon, she commented ‘when you pick him up, you really KNOW you’ve picked up a cat’! Thank you so much Vlada and Vickie!